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Project Description

FM Series – OSA Demolition Equipment

Mechanical pulverisers OSA FM are extremely fast and strong. They have been designed for pulverizing all the material which derives from the demolition made in the building site and also that material which comes from the demolition of concrete structures, shafts and trellis made on the ground. They are also useful for separating reinforcing rods from concrete.

OSA FM mechanical pulverisers do not need any hydraulic installation because they use the piston pushing force of the excavator penetrating arm. Fast, strong, powerful and solid they guarantee excellent working results.

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———————————- FM 20 FM 25 FM 30 FM 40
Peso Kg 1000 1400 2000 2500
Dimensioni Ton 18/22 22/32 32/42 42/60
A mm 900 1100 1150 1250
B mm 650 770 850 1000
C mm 200 200 240 240
D mm 350 400 400 420
E mm 600 690 710 750

Features Overview

Steel structure not subject to wear
Interchangeable blades
Interchangeable teeth